Home maintenance is a hectic affair, especially when it comes to replacing a sewer line. The thought of dealing with sewer lines and underground pipes can send shivers down your spine. However, do not fret because there are simple steps for replacing a sewer line safely and ensuring your home’s plumbing system works as required, as shown in the video.

Before you fix your sewer line, you must locate the underground sewer pipes using a probing rod. In most cases, the pipes are usually directly under your vent.

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You can do this process either using the traditional method of digging a trench around the sewer line or using trenchless pipe repair equipment. The former is ideal if you plan to replace the sewer line by yourself.

After digging the trenches along the sewer line, remove old pipes using chains and clamping equipment. After that, lay new pipes, preferably PVC, and seal them together to ensure proper drainage. Using flexible couplings, connect the new pipes to the main line from your house.

The final step in sewer line installation is to backfill the trenches with gravel and then compact them. Ensure that you patch the surfaces so that they match the surrounding compound. Once the work is complete, check and inspect whether the drainage system works properly, then activate the new system.

Replacing a sewer line may look daunting at first, but it is manageable when you follow the correct steps and use the right tools. By following the steps mentioned, you can restore the functionality of your home’s drainage system without breaking the bank. Before you spend lots of money looking for a professional plumber, take the initiative and fix the problem on your own.