A septic system is a great way to properly dispose of the waste all humans create. This is especially useful in rural areas where sewer systems are less prevalent. While some circumstances are easier to work with than others, some properties may need a specially designed septic system. This is where a septic engineer comes into play.

Some instances of special circumstances are described by the expert in the video.

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He explains that an engineered system is necessary if the water table is unusually close to the surface. Normally, there’s a four-foot layer of sand between the tank and the water table. If this is impossible, a septic engineer will be called in to design a system that works well with the environment.

Additionally, an engineer will be needed if the soil in the work area is of poor quality. It may not be able to fully support the weight of the tank, or it could drain ineffectively in those circumstances. In both of these cases, it’s important to call in an expert to design a system that works well with your land.

It’s great to know, whether you need a septic system or not, that the environment is being taken into consideration with each of these builds. Precautionary steps are taken to protect our world from any more pollutants, and we can thank the septic system engineers for that.