In the YouTube video “This Sewer Grinder Pump May Be What You Need for Your Plumbing!” the host discusses the Zoeller M-803 grinder pump and why your sewerage system could benefit from this type of pump. Let’s first start by distinguishing between a grinder pump and a standard pump. These pumps differ in their design and functionality.

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A classic pump is installed if plumbing fixtures are at or above the sewer line. A grinder pump is installed if plumbing fixtures are below the sewer line.

We mentioned the functionality of the two different pumps. A grinder pump provides more power and pressure as it is supposed to push wastewater up to the sewer line. Installing a grinder pump means that your system can move wastewater up and out of your sewer system to where it belongs. Grinder pumps have more power than standard pumps as they need to work harder.

Their design enables them to overcome elevation differences or where there is a distance between the property and the sewer line. Thus, they produce more pressure. These pumps have a built-in grinding mechanism to break down solid waste and debris. The grinder pump grinds the solid matter into smaller pieces to prevent clogging in the piping system. Homes with basement plumbing can benefit from a grinder pump.