Performing home repairs is not always recommended. However, some people insist on fixing their own plumbing lines. This calls for having all the right tools.

Some plumbing tools, as mentioned in “Plumbing Tools Must Have,” include different sizes of pipe wrenches. Other tools plumbers usually have on hand include varying sizes of pliers or handheld vice grips to use when fastening or removing pipes for changing and repairs.

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Pressure gauges and jack knives are some more equipment that plumbing work may require. It’s not just tools, however. It’s also wise for a plumbing service to have extra pipes, gaskets, and seals nearby.

In some cases, people keep spare plumbing tools and supplies around in case of an emergency. This will help during times when waiting for a professional to arrive. Other times, people may be building their own homes. In this case, they will need to make sure that all the tools and supplies they need are “up to code.”

For more information about building codes and plumbing issues, local municipalities have their own documentation. Most professional and DIY builders see to it that these are followed to avoid citations. For large-scale jobs, such as commercial manufacturing buildings, additional equipment may be needed. For instance, some high-ceiling pipe repair jobs may require a scissors lift and safety harness.

This calls for having all the right tools