So, you have a water heater in your home, and you’re wondering: When should a water heater be replaced? The YouTube video delves deeper into this topic. It highlights several factors to consider. There are typical signs you need a water heater replacement. Read on to learn more.

The first thing you need to consider about hot water heater replacement eligibility is the age of your water heater, as this is an indicator for replacement. There are two types of water heaters: tank and tankless.

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A tank water heater usually lasts between eight and twelve years, while a tankless one may last up to twenty years with proper maintenance.

Next, does your water heater have rust or corrosion? Check the tank or fittings for rust, as this may indicate that your water heater is deteriorating, and you need to replace it. Rust and corrosion may result in leaks. In addition, take all leaks seriously, whether from your fittings or the tank itself.

Also, listen for any strange noises. Loud popping, banging, or rumbling from your water heater can indicate sediment buildup inside the tank. Over time, sediment can cause overheating, reduced efficiency, and damage to the tank, necessitating a replacement.

These are some signs and symptoms to look out for. When you notice these signs, it’s time to address the issue immediately. Prompt action ensures continued access to hot running water.