Every seasoned homeowner knows that a home is only as good as it’s electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. Without these key elements all working together, you’re left with a home that is less than comfortable. When it comes to your plumbing, you can’t afford to skimp out on the equipment that you use to repair and maintain it. One common tools that both residential plumbers and DIY enthusiasts alike utilize is the hose clamp. These can be used on just about any construction hose or connection that you need to be airtight.

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Let’s learn more about hose clamp sizes!

To find the right hose clamp for your project, you first need to measure the exact width of the hose you are working with. You also need to consider how it will be shaped once it is being used and put under pressure. Several plumbers and DIYers use adjustable clamps, allowing for a greater range of hose sizes to be accurately connected with an airtight seal. Ensure that your clamp is the right size before putting your hose into use, as a leak could cost you down the road. Good luck on keeping your plumbing system in great shape!