Whether you’re fresh out of high school or are an older adult looking to branch out into a new career, you may want to look into becoming a local plumber in your community. It can be a dirty job, but everyone wants a good plumber and people are willing to pay a good price for one. On top of providing this valuable service, you’ll also be earning a comfortable living.

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To get started in this field, you need to be ready for a period of learning and growth. You either join a plumbers union to receive education and training or become an apprentice at an “open shop,” that is, a non-union plumbing business. As an apprentice at an open shop, you’ll be learning all that the journeyman can teach you. When learning through a union, however, you’ll not only be getting hands-on experience, you’ll also be getting a more holistic education that has you studying from textbooks.

Many plumbers stop their training after becoming a journeyman, but continuing to grow after your apprenticeship can be a great investment. Getting specialized in different areas such as water supply protection or fire protection services will give you an edge on your competition in the area. You may be surprised to find how few people in your state have these types of specializations.

If you’re going into the plumbing business, it’s important to look forward into the future. You should always try to be the very best in your field and that means continuing training and specialization after apprenticeship. A local plumber can earn great dividends on the time they invest into professional growth.