The video, “A Day in the Life of a Service Plumber (#1),” by Smedley Plumbing, shows the plumbing services delivered in one day’s calls. For each call, the plumber explains the situation but does not provide step-by-step explanations of the plumbing services.
For the first call, the customer purchased a replacement toilet for one with problems.

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He removes the old toilet, preps the area, and installs the replacement. He also points out that newer toilet seats pop off easily for easy cleaning.
The second job involves replacing two faucets with new pull-down versions. Other than having to climb under the sink, the job is straightforward.
The third job concerns a problem water heater he diagnoses as resulting from a wet sensor. While he provides a short-term fix, he tells the customer the problem will likely return until they replace the sensor.
The fourth call concerns a clogged drain line, which he diagnoses and unclogs using his sewer line camera. Again, he warns the customer that their pipes are old and should be considered for replacement.
The final call concerns a sump pump that stopped working and was easily fixed by tightening a few clamps.