Having a gazebo in your backyard is an excellent addition to entertaining friends or relaxing. If you have the right set of tools and are skilled in woodwork, you can make a custom wood gazebo. The video shows how to go about building your gazebo.

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You’ll need wooden planks, concrete post anchors, and corrugated plastic roofing panels, as well as tools like a ladder, clamps, a nail drill, a circular saw, nails, construction screws, and safety equipment.

Measure where the wooden posts will be placed and drill a hole in the wooden deck in each corner to put the concrete anchor posts. The wooden posts are held upright in the anchor posts using screws. You’ll need a slanting roof, so the back posts should be slightly shorter.

Stain or paint the beams for the four sides, clamp them to hold them in place, perpendicular to the top of the posts, and then secure them by drilling in the screws. Parallel joists are needed to support the roof, so secure them to the front and back beams at equal distances. Screw the roofing panels onto the joists.

A simple custom wood gazebo is easy to erect, provided you measure correctly and use the right material.